Discover the key advantages of having a fully integrated bilingual programme


A matched curriculum gives even more help with language

The contents in Life Adventures and Cambridge Science are often related: the topics taught in Cambridge Science are dealt with in Life Adventures in a real-world context.

The cross-curricular lessons in Life Adventures also reflect and reinforce the content taught in Cambridge Science.

Cambridge Science includes Language Review lessons to help consolidate the language seen in Life Adventures.


A shared methodology to motivate and bring consistency to language and science teaching

The Cambridge Bilingual Programme combines the best of ELT methodology with the discovery approach in the Science classroom.

Student-centred learning allows the children to work alone or collaboratively on projects, investigations and experiments. Children will be more motivated working through a structured unit task common to Life Adventures and Cambridge Science.

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Life skills are also an essential part of the journey: emotional intelligence, critical thinking, learning to learn …. all have an important part to play.

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Comprehensive and official preparation for Cambridge Exams

It gently integrates skills, language and exam-type tasks, helping children build their self-confidence:

Exam practice lessons in every unit introduce exam task types which are then reinforced in the Activity Book.

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Exam-type tasks and tips are also spread throughout the units, gradually familiarising children with the formats.

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Cambridge Science also includes extra exam preparation:

The review sections in the Pupil’s Book contain exam-style activities to help learners familiarise themselves with the exam questions, which mirror similar activities in Life Adventures.

The topic areas of the different exams covered are highlighted in the Teacher’s Book.

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